在未来世代大学, you can learn with and from a community of global leaders passionate about making lasting change that improves life and advances justice and sustainability all over the world and in your community.


Study examples of global best practice in community development from international experts, and learn how to adapt and apply them to your local community context.

BG体育综合网页版的项目让您在灵活的学习, applied format – ideal for busy 专业s and people with family or community commitments who are eager to learn how to be more effective and efficient leaders.

You will do applied projects that directly improve your work through “community labs” – each class will help you build a 专业 portfolio that documents how you learned new knowledge, 技能, 以及与您的职业和社区努力相关的工具.

“I came from a very rigorous style of 教育 and I felt that I learned but it wasn’t what I could use in the real-world. 我认为这种实用的教学方法是无价的.”



  • Our approach to community development (SEED-SCALE) works based on 25 years of research, 应用程序, 和现场演示.
  • We use the model to empower people at the community level to achieve local success. “未来世代”与学生合作拓展他们的工作, both in geographic coverage and across development sectors for sustained improvements in quality of life.
  • SEED-SCALE, 允许社区向他们自己寻求的目标前进, 利用他们所在社区的资源.


No one wants to be dependent on others to meet their most basic needs. People long to be able to take care of themselves and their families; and, 社区需要活力和弹性, 不依赖. 在未来世代大学,BG体育综合网页版帮助人们装备, 在他们自己的地方, 有效解决他们面临的问题. 打造持久的解决方案. 建立他们社区的恢复力.

  • Use people’s shared priorities to mobilize and monitor sustainable social change
  • 立足于局部的成功,而不是专注于问题
  • Bridge and negotiate differences to bring communities together in a common purpose
  • 计划, 管理, and grow successful development projects at all scales: in a community, 在一个组织, 在一个地区






进程ID 课程名称 教练 放大的时间
601年ACC 社区变革简介 星期三美国东部标准时间上午10点/国际标准时间下午15点
相移键控601 非营利组织管理 周二美国东部标准时间上午10点/国际标准时间下午15点
604年ACC 变革战略沟通 美国东部标准时间周四上午10点/国际标准时间下午15点
604年中华人民共和国 综合和集成 周一美国东部标准时间上午10点/国际标准时间下午15点


进程ID 课程名称 教练
流化床燃烧器602 甘地的方法(印度) Dr. 丹尼尔·泰勒

SPRING 2023 Semester (February 6 - June 2, 2023) Spring Break April 3-9

进程ID 课程名称 教练
602年中华人民共和国 社会研究方法
相移键控609 筹款 & 资源开发
603年ACC 监控 & 评价
607年ACC 自底向上的经济学 TBD